medieval 2 total war stainless steel unit id list

Armoured with ichcahuipilli armour, chimalli shield, and wielding maquahuitl.

Sudanese Tribesmen - Tribesmen from Africa armed with swords. Totally unarmoured means they need to stay out of melee. Mamluk Archers - Bought as slaves, and trained from boyhood, these formidable soldiers excel at archery, but can also hold their own in melee. Battlefield Assassins - Tracing their history to an obscure order of knights, these battlefield assassins are masters of stealth and death. Janissary Archers - Janissary archers shower the enemy with arrows, weakening and breaking formations before the infantry move in.

Excellent light cavalry.

Mercenary Spearmen - Mercenaries wearing light armour and equipped with spears, useful for armies lacking sufficient defence against cavalry units. Aztec Warriors - Aztec warrior armoured with padded armour, a chimalli shield and armed with a maquahuitl club. With their fearsome poleaxes, they can crush enemy infantry as well as cavalry. Pikemen - A well trained unit of pikes can create an almost impenetrable wall of steel, particularly effective against cavalry. General's Bodyguard - These warriors are the general's personal guard, fiercely loyal, there is little this unit cannot take on.

Kataphractoi - Very heavily armoured and equipped with a lance and mace, although somewhat outdated they are still formidable troops. Berdiche Axemen - Two-handed axemen used as shock troops. Great Cross - Golden cross to inspire the troops, and remind them that they are on God's mission. Formidable troops armed with large two-handed axes and wearing light armour. English Knights - Elite warriors clad in steel plate armour, these men pack an effective charge, while being hard to kill.

Equipped with lance and mace. Causes more fear than actual damage. Teutonic Knights - Ruthless Germanic knightly order, well armoured with lances and large maces, these knights love a good melee. Confident and deadly. Can travel across the ocean.

Transylvanian Peasants - Fierce peasant volunteers from eastern Europe, armed with halberds that can pull a man off a horse. Protected with a small shield. Mutatawwi'a - Wild and fanatical religious volunteers. Yeoman Archers - English freeholders are required by the King to be trained in warfare, Yeoman archers are highly skilled ranged troops. Mounted Sergeants - These veteran warriors wear light armour and are armed with a spear and a sword. Arrow Warriors - Specialised ranged Aztec troops who wielded javelin-sized arrows which they also used in melee. Turkish Javelinmen - Turkish Javelinmen are light troops used to harass enemy archers and enemy flanks from a distance. Able to lay stakes at start of battle. Conquistadores - Well trained and armed with lance and sword, they make superb heavy cavalry capable of devastating attacks.

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