merchant rpg map guide

Note if you don't like warriors, you may skip this one completely, beacause his gear is designed for them - and unlike any other T3 weekly, he doesn't have a craftable earring ;). This Wiki is currently being restored. 950/500 = 1.9x. You can also request setups of maps which haven't been included yet to speed up the progress a bit. See each Quest page for the cap. The second DPS is not very relevant compared to a well equipped assassin. If you have any feedback, suggestions or questions about this guide - please don't make threads about that on Reddit, hit me on Discord instead (Jackal Of Death #7765). Is reduced by Def. Your Heroes will always attack first unless fighting one of the Weekly bosses, they attack first. A lot of pages have yet to be added. With 500 base Atk, Might passive and Radiant prefix Hero will have 2,1x modifier (all modifiers stacks additively).

If things will go all good, should be S rank with little to 0 damage taken.

If a monster's attack is to deal 1.8x Atk, with 2 heroes in front both will take 0.9x Atk, 3 heroes will take 0.6x Atk each. Same base timer as Fatalis, ridiculous drop and only 1 unique item which is just a temporary booster (which is not THAT unique).

The first DLC expansion costs $2.99 USD and includes the following: The second DLC expansion costs ??? Evade will reduce all incoming damage (including true damage) for the Hero that used it by 78% before mitigations. After every attempt regardless of the result, the % chance of critical failure increases by 4%.
It costs 12,750 coins to purchase every Selling Slot.

Requirements: 3/4 dpses, paladin, 1/2 clerics - see bolded info in Skorge desc. Dispeller uses wisdom passive and 3 silences and with that way he shut downs 60% of his entire kit.

Rank depends on mode you're playing and if map is at P1 or not. ), Paladin: #1 holy blessing, T2 holy shield, T3 light's grace, T4 holy shield. They also have a Skill that can Revive a fallen Hero. - all with solid T2 equipment). Dispeller is just to remove his T1 buff - doesn't need to do anything much. Acc - Accuracy, determines chance to hit the enemy. Once a Hero reaches level 40 they have the option of Prestiging. The Cleric has 2 healing skills, one for the whole team and one for the Hero in front of them. There are 3 variations of this Potion, 15%, 25%, and 50%. * Gregory James. There are 3 options found under this menu. Rogue is a must-have because ambush skill ruins his AoE move and brings down damage from them from 480 to only 288. Once you have unlocked the Enchanter you can use them to try and increase Suffix by 1. Requirements: depends on mode - for normal it's 6 heroes P0 at 40lvl (bis T3 gear), hard - 6 heroes P1 at 50lvl (bis T4 gear). Way #2: Quite risky way, but requires one hero less. Crafters then use those materials to create weapons and armor. Rogue/w ambush isn't obligatory either. Paladin - Unlocked when you have both a level 30 Warrior and level 15 Cleric in your roster. Hard setup (if you are using bard as a dispeller): Hard setup (if you are using mage as a dispeller): Contrary to popular belief, it IS NOT a good idea to send a warrior on this quest because he does nothing but hinders DPS slot and strips you off of a possibility to finish the map on S rank. Welcome to the reddit community for Merchant! - if that's possible, also in T2. Oni (Oni's Decapitator, Oni's Mask, Oni's Earring), Requirements: 6 heroes (including two clerics and dispeller (mage/bard)), each at 40+lvl, DP5 (considering you will silence his T3 buff, which you should do) - 750 atk + 220 matk). All weapons have an invisible Crit stat of 1 except daggers/knives which have 5.

A Prestige 1 Hero can undergo Quests 2 levels earlier than a non-Prestiged Hero. Currently, maximum suffix to roll by crafting is +11. Crit - Chance (in %) to score a critical hit. There can be more than four at a time but only four will be displayed at a time. Both DPSes should consist of true damage dealers so they can avoid his undispellable reflect skill. The three True damage fighters are the Assassin, Rogue and Dark Knight. Add a tier 6 map which will be too hard for non ascended heroes or add an ascended version of t1-5. Tank: may be just DPS - remember though to provide him with a lot of physical defense! This can also be used to improve item's Grade. Merchant RPG Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Re-rolls current item stats of weapons, armor, and trinkets using Crystals. Cleric of course uses 2x group heal.
After every attempt regardless of the result, the % chance of critical failure increases by 4%. With the Poem of Focus skill Heroes deal 4.75x Crit damage. Can be either randomly generated or a custom input.

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