otocinclus not active

Member. I got a su... My Chinese algae eater doesn't like algae wafers. Otos are really good scavengers and may be eating when you are not paying attention. Because I want algae eaters. A few days ago my emerald cory catfish stopped eating, moving and today I n... Help! Otto Fish Profile. Concave is much different than flat. They won't breed in captivity, so they are all wild caught.

Fish Lore's aquarium forum - aquarium hobbyists helping hobbyists since 2005! After a couple hours, you could turn on the light and see them flocking to the wafer. Member.

Could he possibly die or Otocincluses are just picky eaters? While not a schooling fish, otos are social and to be in groups of their own kind. Freshwater Aquarium Fish Forum. I like the. Could I please ask what you are aiming for with your aquarium? your welcome I thought u lived close to a pet store but u don't so sorry u can may be get some from a breeder on here, cool as am I I have fish and a bird been keeping fish for 17 years. but remember to turn off the light again because that might stimulate the other fish to wake up and go for it. Aquarium Calculator. They are algae eaters and can be feed vegetables and food made for algae eaters. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. My otos aren't eating algae wafers? JavaScript is disabled. That's why we're suggesting other options to prevent algae. You could try some smaller species of, Otos are picky when it’s come for food try zucchinI they usually like it. you read and agreed to the, Tips for keeping Otocinclus catfish (otos). Does Anybody Want Overload of Algae in Their Tank...I Don't!!!!! Online statistics. I cut a hole in the lid big enough for the otos, but so big that my other fish could get to it. And I don't think there are any signs of illness, though they do have pinkish-red coloration around the head area. They require a well-established tank, and it is common for them to die upon being introduced to a new setup. The problem is that nearly all fish like the peas, and otos will ignore them for a while, so they get eaten before the otos will get to them. Then again, I'm not used to keeping otos so I don't know if they should have that pink coloration. hI redshark 1 how do u keep your tank squeeky clean. I’m not really sure why it’s a problem, lol. But if they were eating, wouldn't their stomachs still be rounded? The tank’s lighting system can be moderate or normal – otocinclus are pretty active during the day.
I've tried everything and learned by myself on their habits.

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